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Passion – Madame Bovary

As I just posted my third post, WordPress kindly suggested to make my next goal five posts.  With it came an inspirational quotation:

‘The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.’  Gustave Flaubert

Monsieur Flaubert reminded me of Madame Bovary, which I saw recently with the lovely Frances O’Connor, England’s most underrated actress.  I first discovered her in About Adam, a movie she virtually carried on her own (also starring Charlize Theron’s ex, the charming and capable Stuart Townsend).

Frances could carry Madame Bovary too but is joined by the oh so sexy Greg Wise (which proves that Emma Thompson knows a good thing when she sees one) and endearing Hugh Bonneville.

But back to Passion.  Madame Bovary is a poignant account of what unadulterated passion may get you.  A lot of drama.  Seeing how famous this story is, it must be what the world wanted and still wants (better to watch others’ than be the victim yourself).  Pay attention. 😉

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