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♫ ♪ Ponty perked me up ♫ ♪ ♫

The Gift of Time“Ponty!” I exclaimed earlier this evening, while working the raisins into the scone batter. “That’ll make a good P-post.” Momentarily taking my hands off the scones-in-the-making, I raised my hands and wiggled my hips to the tune of Jean-Luc Ponty’s ‘New Resolutions.’ It’s also my favourite album by him: The Gift Of Time.

In 1984, a South African housemate put a cassette in my hands: “here, I think you will like it.” For several months two of Ponty’s early albums were played to death.  I didn’t like it, I adored it. Her American boyfriend was a fan. Very lucky me.

Altogether, over the years, I bought five albums by him and I went to see him live at the Montreal Jazz Festival. There he performed as one of the members of Trio! – what a show. Stanley Clarke, bass and Béla Fleck, banjo. I will never see a better performance by a musician, I am quite sure of that. He is a powerhouse and his interaction with Clarke was unforgettable.

Why he perked me up?

I was feeling maudlin this evening after Inessa Galante’s Ave Maria (Caccini) suddenly pulled one of my heart strings waaaaay too far out. The ¡thoing! got the waterworks going. I miss my son. Not his warm-hearted, easily approachable personality, because he didn’t have it, but maybe just because they pulled him out of me? I dunno, I only got one kid so I can’t speak from experience. I’ve been trying to accommodate this loss too (how many more times?) but I’m not good at it because I carry my heart on my sleeve. People like me don’t accommodate, we express. We resolve, we want to do something. Doing nothing is like being incarcerated, where you can’t do anything. But I can, and I want to, but I don’t know what. I’ve given it into the hands of the universe but of course I often feel the urge to get involved.

Came to chase the blues away

Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley

old photo

Heart Blues

As my youtube playlist carried on, Ponty was followed by Buckley who came to chase the blues away, which is normally heartwrenching, but now it was so serendipitous that I called “Thank you Baby, I knew I could count on you!” Is that what I do, talk to dead people who overdosed?

Damn good voice though.

EveningScone Delight

sconesNaturally, preparing scones is a kind of therapy and then I got to eat them too, yummie!  I thought I would quickly write a blog post about my perker upper but that never works, of course (quickly).  Still, I got another P in. 🙂

Best scones ever: an old ‘O’ recipe from the Harlem Tea Room.  I always make the raisin variety but add chopped apple or apricot as well.

Gonna have seconds now.  Thanks for listening.

Pleasurable Prince

train - trein

♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪

On a train in The Netherlands…

End of 1996, armed with a new Sony Discman and the triple album Emancipation by Prince I was travelling by train to … I don’t remember!

But I do remember the album, still my favourite by him.

Jam of the year… not

Prince Emancipation

The Symbol

It’s just one of the many great songs, but I did not quite have the jam of the year then.  It was my first Xmas and New Year without my son who was with his father.  Daddy’s turn for Xmas.  It was also the year of the divorce.  How could something you wanted for so long hurt so bad?  Prince licked my wounds.

Jam of the year (not great quality – Prince’s people regularly remove good stuff from youtube)

Sex in the summer

Another super, vibey song on this album.  Some of them are great sing-alongs and this sure is one of them.  The following year, my son and his friends giggled every time I played it.  They were almost 10.   I think I was cool about these things and preferred to let him watch sexy movies to war rolling eyesmovies!  Funnily enough, when he was 21 he said my attitude had had repercussions.

I never asked why because he’d always been a very private person.  Afterwards I wished I’d said that all 21-year olds are oversexed, because I had a feeling that his girlfriend accused him of being it.

Soul Sanctuary

My favourite track on this album.  The entire album was my soul sanctuary then and I will always have fond memories of my discovery of it and how it lightened my load.

Contemporary (not a track)

Prince is it, my contemporary.  He does look a lot younger than me, I think, ha ha!


Pilgrimage, Pèlerinage, Pelgrimstocht (II)


Eric Vloeimans, trumpeter

What on earth does this guy have to do with a pilgrimage?  Is that what you’re thinking?  I’ll tell you.

The Whisperer

Earlier this year, after a long absence from the Netherlands, I tuned in on a documentary about this Dutch trumpeter, Eric Vloeimans, whom I’d never heard of.  It was actually the word ‘whisperer’ that caught my attention in the announcement of the program.  Eric spoke and played and I immediately researched some of his work on youtube.  SOLD!

Especially Pèlerinage wooed me.  Perhaps because I’d lived on the Camino for seven months, or just because in his Gatecrash jacket he appeals to my auditory sense most of all.  I love his creativity and his good cheer.  He has a very special laugh and sounds like he could be an interesting and fun person to hang out with.

Eric Vloeimans plays trumpet

Although he does whisper on the trumpet occasionally, he sure knows how to get the volume up too!

In the meantime I’ve purchased a 5-CD album called V-Flow.  One of them is with Gatecrash (still my favourite) and the others are early works, petit ensemble, amis and melodias.  Excellent variety: background, while driving, or just sit and listen while sipping your favourite booze.  I love to cook to Gatecrash!  Made a Thai green chicken curry just the other day with a jazzy melange, mmmmm.

Click here for a website matching Eric’s creativity

Eric plays a Hub van Laar trumpet.

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