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Why It’s only P?

Why ‘About’ is missing – I am usually curious to see what hides under bloggers’ About button but can’t get myself to list a bunch of personal attributes here.

Discover… be surprised… is what I say. 🙂

So why It’s only P?  It’s all my dog’s fault.  She has a new obsession since we started walking through a forest where zillions of other dogs leave their urine deposits.  They pee.   My dog, who is 10, only ever knew her own scent, that of her canine friend (†), foxes, coyotes and other game.  But here in the forest in the southeast of one of the northern provinces of the Netherlands, she shares the forest with others of her kind.  Hence her new obsession.  All pee-scents have to be inspected thoroughly, and then peed over.  It’s her domain after all (so she thinks).

Sometimes I get annoyed because she straggles behind sniffing pees and although she follows well, she could dig into the horse dung that lies in the middle of the path so I have to usher her a lot.  “It’s only pee-ee!” I shouted, annoyed, the other day, and a title for this long-intended blog was conceived.  My brain is constantly associative.

So here, all topics will be P-words!

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  1. Hello, welcome to the “blogosphere”! I’m a fairly new blogger myself (having a third or fourth go at trying to blog regularly). My dogs have all had the same behavior. I decided that that long, intense sniffing was memorization. Scents for dogs play almost the same role that sights do for us. I’ve read that dogs know their environment by how it smells. I had a dog that, after visiting some distant location, would be sleeping in the car on the way home, but once we were within a mile of home, she always woke up and started paying attention. I’m convinced she recognized the general area of home via scent. (But, of course, I could be entirely misinterpreting the situation!)

    Nice idea for a Blog title! Reminds me of the old kids’ joke about the teacher asking the student to recite the alphabet. “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOQRSTUVWXYZ!” replies the student. “But you missed the ‘P’,” says the teacher, “Where’s the ‘P’?” The student replies, “Running down my leg!”

    Maybe this Blog is where the missing letter really went! d;-)

  2. Hey Wyrd, thank you so much for your nice note! Ah, to blog regularly, now that is a feat, isn’t it? But you keep on coming back to it, so don’t ignore that urge. Judging from the contents of your blog, you don’t have a problem letting your fingers do the walking. It is quite different to be writing with a pen these days, don’t you think? I hardly have any patience left for it (especially because these days it’s usually wretched forms!).

    I had a good laugh at your ‘Where’s the ‘P’? joke, one I did not know, having grown up in the Netherlands. Oh, and on the topic of dogs, your explanation of why dogs sniff excessively explains why years ago my Labrador stopped dead in her tracks in the exact same spot where she had lost a tennisball a few days earlier, which was near the edge of an enormous pond. Thank you. I was so proud of her when she started looking for it again in the same spot days later. Turns out she was just a normal dog. 🙂

    I’m so very glad the ‘P’ finally found a home with me. I will take good care of it. See you on the interweb!

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