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Patterns in the snow

Lo and behold, it was snowing in the Netherlands!

Dry snow, that is.  Had about 3 inches here in the south-east of Friesland.  Boy, did I ever feel at home.

Winter trees in snow

Wintry stillness

So did my dog Pantouf, who was born and raised in the province of Quebec, Canada.  She was still a pup – you know, a real pup, not the kind that is referred to by their doting owners when the dog is already 10 😉 – when she started hunting mice simply because there was a blanket of snow hiding them.  I suspect that she hears them even better, or her instincts are more alert when there is snow (for instance, because coyotes would get hungry during winter and they’d have to hunt more diligently, I dunno, just guessing).

Fat mice hunting

Fat mice hunting

I was just going to post some pictures here with snow patterns, ha ha!  What can I say, I’m a chatterbox.  I’ve been quiet lately, not blogging at all, just because it claims so much of my time.  When I do something, I do it right.  Makes me think immediately of a Joan Armatrading song.  Help Yourself.

That said, I can also be an immense slacker.  Those are the opposites in me – there are many – a perfectionist on the one end and a slacker on the other.  That is one of the reasons why I have been consciously single for a couple of years.  I am hell to share a roof with and I’d feel the same about anyone who’d share it with me!  So I share it with my pets.  Just this morning I was thinking of how wonderful it is to have long-lasting harmony in my home!

Okay, without venturing onto the tangent any further, here then are my snowy pictures with patterns:

As I stepped out of my front door...

As I stepped out of my front door…

Bricks are hiding here...

Bricks are hiding here…

Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas

Not the leaves, but snow is clinging to the trees

Not the leaves, but snow is clinging to the trees



Spot the pattern... :)

Spot the pattern… 🙂

Home again, I noticed this almost Mondriaan painting on my patio

Home again, I noticed this almost Mondriaan painting on my patio

Sunday 9 December

After just one rainy day, most of the snow has washed away

I don’t mind, we had our fun, glad the snow is on the run

Pavements were slippery and roads were icy

To drive or walk was just too dicey!

Comments on: "Patterns in the snow" (11)

  1. exiledprospero said:

    If your dog is from Quebec, perhaps her real name is Pantoufle, which is a slipper in French. In any case, I love the shots…the icy patterns, the mouse hunt.

    • You’re right, but I decided to spell it as Pantouf. Some French people think it should be Pantouffe, but I like it short. She has four white feet, hence the name. In Dutch, my mother tongue, slipper = pantoffel, all the more reason why she has this name. 🙂 Glad you liked the pics, I just had a look at your blog and like your colour scheme & images!

  2. I think your snow headed over here! I just posted a “first snowfall” post today!

    (I totally can relate to the hard-core perfectionist combined with a slacker! I’m obsessive about my work (to OCD heights), but housework…. meh! Perhaps people like us are just intense. Either intensely “on” or intensely “off”! And it may well be a big part of why I’m single, too!)

    • Hit the nail on the head there. In my work I am painfully precise but the housework… hhmmm, in spite of my good intentions and constant attempts at improvement, every four days it’s a big mess again. I am as pissed off with it as I used to be with mislaying things and wasting time locating them. I fixed that with applying Feng Shui and have managed to keep certain things, such as keys and tools, in one place. That’s a feat.

      But doing the dishes? The kitchen looks like a train-wreck every few weeks (so even worse than a big mess). When I cook I use more utensils than anyone I know! I cook and bake often. 🙂

      • You get a whole few weeks before your kitchen looks like a train wreck, eh? Sweet! 😛

        The thing I hate about housework, other than its sheer mindless boredom, is that the moment I dig in and get the place looking like hobos don’t live there… within moments it starts to get messy again. (Or I spill a nearly full glass of Kahlua on my light beige carpet.)

        Bah! An inch or so of dust never hurt anyone, right?

    • I relate. I’m awfully good at cleaning and reorganising (when I decide to do it) and I’m just as bad at keeping it neat. We (you and I) should fix this problem, write an online workshop for it and you teach it in N. America and I teach it in Europe. 😉

      Dust can be very, very harmful indeed, if one is allergic to it.

      • I’ve never believed all humans should (or could) be good at all things, so I’m content remaining “unfixed”… my weaknesses are as much a part of me as my strengths! (Although obviously there are some areas where I try to grow and improve… being a better housekeeper just isn’t one of them! :grin:)

        I suspect we do good at it when we choose to because we take any task we do seriously. I know I’m just not wired to do a half-assed job on anything…. which, oddly, may be a factor in putting off such tasks as I don’t like… because I know I’ll still put effort into them, so I have to gird up for both doing a task I don’t like and doing it well.


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