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Eric Vloeimans, trumpeter

What on earth does this guy have to do with a pilgrimage?  Is that what you’re thinking?  I’ll tell you.

The Whisperer

Earlier this year, after a long absence from the Netherlands, I tuned in on a documentary about this Dutch trumpeter, Eric Vloeimans, whom I’d never heard of.  It was actually the word ‘whisperer’ that caught my attention in the announcement of the program.  Eric spoke and played and I immediately researched some of his work on youtube.  SOLD!

Especially Pèlerinage wooed me.  Perhaps because I’d lived on the Camino for seven months, or just because in his Gatecrash jacket he appeals to my auditory sense most of all.  I love his creativity and his good cheer.  He has a very special laugh and sounds like he could be an interesting and fun person to hang out with.

Eric Vloeimans plays trumpet

Although he does whisper on the trumpet occasionally, he sure knows how to get the volume up too!

In the meantime I’ve purchased a 5-CD album called V-Flow.  One of them is with Gatecrash (still my favourite) and the others are early works, petit ensemble, amis and melodias.  Excellent variety: background, while driving, or just sit and listen while sipping your favourite booze.  I love to cook to Gatecrash!  Made a Thai green chicken curry just the other day with a jazzy melange, mmmmm.

Click here for a website matching Eric’s creativity

Eric plays a Hub van Laar trumpet.

Comments on: "Pilgrimage, Pèlerinage, Pelgrimstocht (II)" (5)

  1. Um……. wow. That was a beautiful piece of music. It opened my heart, took away my power of speech, makes these typed words seem crude and ugly.

    I find him on iTunes… would you recommend two or three albums for me?

    • Really?! So glad you liked it. Difficult to tell for me what you see on your side of the iTunes spectrum. Any album names you can give me? I would go for what I have, 5 CD’s with a huge collection, like a jazz-all-sorts and 10 numbers with Gatecrash, one of which is Pèlerinage. This collection is called V-Flow, but I don’t know if you can get it on iTunes.

      Here you can see all the tracks: http://www.amazon.com/V-Flow/dp/B004GJV230

      • Really!! I love music, but I’m not an expert in it, so this may sound naïve, but he reminds me of Miles Davis. Soulful and mellow, a lot of passion behind the music.

        I realized it was the wee-hours when I posted my question, and I couldn’t wait, so I’ve already purchased the Gatecrashin’ album as well as the Pèlerinage track from an album called Heavens Above. I did see the V-Flow collection, which I saw also has the track (49.99 USD compared to 9.99 USD for most albums, so I held off on that one).

        Others I saw on iTunes: Alone Together, Hyper, Hidden History, Summersault… there are 24 in all. (I think I might have changed the iTunes “Bestsellers” ranking… last night Alone Together was #1 and Gatecrashin’ was #2. This morning, they are reversed!)

    • Must be something in my settings that I can’t reply to your last Reply, ha ha, WordPress thinks enough is enough already, and I don’t have the patience to research it for now. I used to like Chuck Mangione but have never owned Miles Davis. I especially like Eric’s collaboration with Gatecrash, being more electronic, but listening purely to the trumpet I can hear what you mean after listening to Davis on youtube now. Eric puts so much heart into his playing, it’s tangible.

      These are the tracks on my Gatecrash disc which I love most (different selection from the album you got). Actually, ANY of this album are worth having. Can see them on the amazon link above on Disc 2. ♫Happy listening!♫

      • I think it depends on how you reply. The “behind the scenes” tools, such as your Comments page or Notifications page, seem to allow a reply at any level. If you reply on the post itself, WP does seem to limit the number of levels.

        I’ve never explored Mangione (although I’ve certainly heard of him), but I do have several Miles Davis albums. I liked what I downloaded, so I’ll probably buy a few more from iTunes!

        Always nice to find “new” music, so thanks again for the posting this!

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