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Pedro Almodòvar and Penèlope CruzAlmodóvar & Cruz

She is his muse and it is suggested that she became an actress because of him.

If I were a movie director, male or female, I’d want her to be my muse too.  She is frightfully authentic and beautiful (à la Loren) and soooo plausible in any role I’ve seen her portray so far.

My favourite movie with this powerful duo is Volver.   It’s deep and hilariously entertaining.

Before I buy, rent or watch a movie on TV, I often check it out on IMDB.  Very rarely did my opinion clash with that of the average of the thousands of people who vote.  It’s a sure thing.

When preparing for this post I discovered that Pedro’s official surname is Almodóvar Caballero, the latter word meaning gentleman.  I’ve seen him on the screen a few times, being interviewed, and that is indeed the sense I got from him, very gentlemanly indeed.  As an empath I sometimes feel a person’s energy through the TV screen, or even a computer screen!  It’s been known to happen.  Eerie, eh?

Películas (movies)

Scarlett Johansson and Hugh JackmanHave you ever watched a movie that doesn’t quite gel and you can tell that there was no chemistry whatsoever between the male and female leads?  What instantly comes to mind is Scoop with Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson.  I like many of Woody Allen’s movies, Match Point being my favouriScarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackmante, but Scoop didn’t score very high with me.  A 6 at best.  (I just picked it up on special, so did not check out IMDB first!)  I suspect that Jackman was simply too busy trying not to become infatuated with Johansson. 😉  No, I don’t suspect it, I sensed it.  It was something he had begun to work on before, back in Ozzie perhaps, knowing that there would be a risk.  Isn’t that ever noble?  Perhaps he thought ‘Why must I eat a hamburger out if I can have a steak at home?’

Mar Adentro poster

A far cry from rugged Bardem

Penélope’s Beau

Seeing that he is Penélope’s husband, a word here for Javier Bardem in The Sea Inside (Mar Adentro).  Watch his haunting acting in this tearjerking, heartwrenching, surprisingly humorous movie.

Spinechillingly addictive.  I’ve watched it five times and each time I cried harder – it is that realistic.  While in Spain, I drove as far as Boiro on the Atlantic coast of Galicia, which subsequently depressed the hell out of me, so I sped out of it, back to Cantabria.

By the talented director Alejandro Amenábar (32 at the time) who also wrote the score and co-wrote the screenplay.  Some people have all the talent and express it!


It took me a while to remember how to pronounce Spanish words with double ‘l’ as in Caballero, when I first learnt Spanish.  Cabayero, I suppose is a good way to indicate it for non-Spanish speakers.

I’m glad that Pedro’s name is not Jorge.  Most English native speakers turn this into ‘Horhay’ which always reminds me of a storm, a tornado, something horrible.  English speakers can make scraping sounds in the back of their throats, can’t they?  Think of Loch Ness.  Just about everyone knows the sound that the ‘ch’ makes in Loch.  It is not a sound that occurs normally in the English language, but that one is a known thing.  People don’t usually say Lotch Ness, right?  Chorcheh. 🙂

Brings me to the topic of pronouncing Vincent van Gogh’s name, which is NOT Van Go.  It hurts my ears every single time I hear this.  Think of Loch and you’re A for Away.  Van Goch, that’s how it sounds, absolutely 100% the same as in Loch.  Please remember next time and tell your friends.

Tim as Vincentmovie about Vincent van Gogh

This is how I get into hyperfocusing mode.  Wish I could make a living with it. 🙂

In Vincent & Theo, the inimitable Roth plays Van Gogh.  It doesn’t matter one bit that he isn’t Dutch.

Those are my thoughts today on the wonderful world of words, movies, directors & actors!

P.S. Penélope: unlike in French, the accented e does not sound like ‘hay’, as in été (summer), but just indicates emphasis in Spanish.  It took me a while to figure that out.

P.P.S. All pictures on this post nicked from the net for non-commercial purposes.

Comments on: "Pedro, Penélope, Películas & Pronunciation" (2)

  1. I’ve always adored Penélope Cruz! She’s so vivacious, and she has this “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” devilishness that’s just charming (she made a good pirate in those Pirates movies.

    One of my favorites with her is Don’t Tempt Me, where she was so well-cast as an angel’s opposite. That angel was played by the charming Victoria Abril, who first delighted me in French Twist (which is a hoot; a fun French sex comedy)!

    The two of them together was wonderful, and perfect casting!

    • The French movie sounds like a lot of fun (I read IMDB) and I might have seen Don’t Tempt Me. I wish I would have kept a record of all movies I’ve ever watched, and where I was because often I don’t remember!

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