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Pavlova – a recipe

The most scrumptious dessert I’ve ever made and eaten was a Mango Pavlova.


The recipe, with picture, was in one of my Australian Women’s Weekly cookbooks, the best range of cookbooks I’ve ever used as all instructions are clear and there are many, many good photos inspiring you to plan, shop, cook, entertain & eat.  For me, a cookbook is not really a cookbook without mouthwatering colour pictures.  AWW was (is) always there to please.

Friends and family members all asked for the recipe (I made it several times) and there was even a guest who claimed he normally never ate dessert and during this rare occasion when he did, asked for seconds.  Yum yummie!

The recipe is available online these days (what isn’t ?).  Click here or on the picture to pull up the recipe in a new window.

On the topic of beating egg whites, always make sure that

  • the whites are completely free of yolk (therefore, split one egg at a time in a separate bowl and only then add each white to the bowl in which you are going to beat them)
  • the bowl and whisk are clean and grease-free (adhering to these two, I’ve always managed to beat them stiff in a jiffy!)

Bonne chance & Bon appétit!

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